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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weird Potty Women

I am ready to start a group against women who urinate all over the seat in public restrooms! I mean, seriously? This is the behavior for which we have been railing against the male of the species since the dawn of time. You don't think the first cave woman threw a rock at her mate the first time he got pee all over the outhouse!

I saw a news report on a study which said that women's restrooms actually had more germ activity than the men's room, the reasoning being that children often went into the restroom with their mother. I think it's because some of these women are pigs. I can totally understand you not wanting to sit on a public toilet seat. For the love of God, cover the thing in toilet paper, or at the very least, wad up a piece of paper and dry the seat when you're done. Be considerate of the people who'll come after you. Restrooms for women are already notoriously guilty of fewer stalls, so why make it harder by rendering one unusable?

I'm sorry to be on a soapbox about this, but when I went to class last night, at a college, where there were only ADULTS present, I encountered this problem, and it's just unacceptable.

Golden Rule folks! Do unto others!

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supermomplace said...

Sign me up for that group! I totally HATE it to! women are suppose to be delicate and what not it (ugh!) me to find a women restroom so disgusting! oh women who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom eeewww double eeeew. I once met a lady in the restroom just walking out without washing and she reach out to touch my baby I scream NOOOOOOOO I'm sorry but you haven't wash ur hands yet!